Unison My Character is Broken. Do I Care--- Not
In a VRMMORPG game called [Triad of Lights] a game which is centered around Sword and Magic with a mix of sci-fi elements such as Mechanical Armors and the like. A male in his 20s died from cardiac arrest, he is [Era] the 2nd to the top player of the game and is a broken character in all likability. Upon waking his eyes a scenery unfolds. What will become of his journey will Start in his wake.
lapeacock Endless Body and Qi Art
Siguard was a genius. He went from being a nobody in the Mortal realm to being the strongest in Immoral realm. In the Immortal realm he is known as Siguard the Endless Xia Lingxin the second strongest and the most beautiful women in the immortal realm lusted for Siguard's primordial Yang (Virgin Yang). With the help of Siguard's primordial Yang Xia Lingxin could successfully break through to...
Symbiocom One path, One chance!
A story about a youngman, who received the second chance.

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